Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So why did we move anyway?

Mike got an offer for a great promotion, but he'd have to move to ADP corporate in NJ. He first heard in December 2006, spent a couple of months interviewing and got the job in April 2007. We put the house on the Market in May and had an offer in a couple of weeks.

We found our new house in Alexandria Township, NJ in June and moved in September. We flew Lyric and Dundee (!) as well as 6 kitties and Riley (Cricket rode in first class with me :) ) We got unpacked and moved in uneventfully.

The boys went to Pleasant Meadow Farm for the winter, a fantastic farm with in and outs (unheard of out here) and malibu-type stalls with metal bars for the top half. The new house has a 2-stall barn, an arena and awesome grass pastures. We're building a 6-stall barn with a small indoor (the ground freezes out here in the winter!). More about that later, but we're almost done and its fantastic.

The couple who bought our house put it back on the market in less than 6 months - I don't think farm life agreed with them!

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