Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall on the new farm....

We had some excitement after our initial settling in...Riley and one of the tuxudo kitties got into a big fight, and the dog (obvi) won...Poor stinky was at the vet for a few days, lost a couple of claws and had a lot of stitches, but recovered fine. I decided we (I...) needed a dog trainer and hooked up with a great one out here. Its now been a year since she first started with us, and he's a much more settled dog. Although he still prefers chasing squirrels to listening to me! Anyway, we have 3 crates and as many dog beds around the house, as Riley has had to learn that "inside" is "quiet time" not "woo-hoo let's hunt the cats!" time. He sleeps on my lap or at my feet in the evening while we watch TV, and the kitties can lay a couple of feet from him and all is peaceful :)

We also discovered the boiler (yes, we have an actual boiler, since we have radiator heat....) in the basement was leaking carbon monoxide into the house. what was our first clue? migraines, confusion, oversleeping, we ignored them all, then the carbon monoxide detectors started going off....duh! Big repair to replace the duct that runs 4 stories (!) up an unused chimney and we're feeling a LOT better these days....duh....

The big boys loved their "winter home" at pleasant meadow.....After a couple of months of them being all PTSD and herd-bound to each other, we settled into a normal routine. Its wonderful to have an indoor to ride in out here - even when its not raining or snowing, the wind can blow and the ground is frozen solid a couple of inches below the sand.

Mike and I had fun too - there are a couple of horses and ponies that drive - I want to teach Kate!

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