Thursday, December 4, 2008


We've had several visitors (and would love more!) since we moved:

Summer '07 - Monica Davis came out for a few days while we were doing inpsections (before we even bought the house :)

Fall '07 - Dee Keyes was visiting family in Maryland, and its so close she drove up for the day....Lots of good dog-advice and catching up!

Spring '08- Paul and Dianne Toma (Mike's folks) took a long vacation and drove their motorhome across the US, visiting may friends along the way and staying with up for a couple of weeks. Mike and Paul had a great time (!) doing repairs to the dam in our stream.

Summer '08 - Martha Vaughan had a class reunion on Long Island and stayed with us for a day and overnight....I got her up on Kate (who needs breeches?).

Such a good girl, could care less about the construction, she just thinks she sees grass!

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