Monday, October 13, 2008

More than a YEAR?????????

Damn, everyone, I have NO EXCUSES......I miss you all so much, and it seems like such a small thing to reach out, and somehow I've just not been able to....Til NOW :) I will try to catch up over the next several posts instead of re-writing war and peace in one nite.....But here's the Cliff Notes for my ADD friends (most of you....)

*Sept 07 - moved to NJ

*Oct 08 - finally posted a blog and joined the 21st century....

In between? oh, I don't know, but it involves a new horse (mare!), an indoor arena, redecorating a house, a dog (Riley loves NJ...), carbon monoxide poisoning, squirrels, becoming a subaru-girl, fireflies, fantastic summer evenings..........Many pix and details to follow!

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